Thursday, August 2, 2007


Look at all these goodies from my swap pal, Isobel! Luscious yarns in my favorite colors:

And check out that dessert!!! Talk about tea and cakes! Well, she didn't SEND the cake, exactly. But the recipe book with that, and lots more, in it. And how about that cute pack with hand cream, a tape measure, marker, pen and all. Then the tea! I've never even seen such a fancy tea infuser, and now I have a fancy tea infuser. We can really make a "proper" cuppa' tea now.

Isobel even sent a gift for each of our three children. They were so excited. It was fun for them to help me open the box and see all the tea and yarn and goodies, but they really felt special having a gift of their own in there. That was SO thoughtful, and I appreciated that lots n' lots.

And there was CHOCOLATE, of course. Yummy kinds we don't have in the U.S. We do have Walkers, but these are not the same Walkers as in Ireland. I'll do my own version of a taste comparison later (Walkers from U.S. vs Walkers from Ireland). But, I can tell you right now, they're both very yummy.

Thank you, again, Isobel. Your swap package to me could not have been more wonderful. I'll be posting some FOs with my new yummy yarns (and needles--did you see them, Peace Fleece needles!!!!), but do NOT hold your breath. I haven't been knitting TOO long. I do get there, but speed-knitter, no.