Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well, THAT was Fun (not).

So we Moved. Again. In December.
We must be in some sort of a vortex--move in the month of December once, and you end up repeating the mistake again, and again. And again. The first "recent" move was in December and was a major relocation from Hot-Lanta to Metro DC (McLean, VA). That was NO fun. You know this was no fun for me if you have already read through the rest of this blog. You can get all my complaining. Well, some of it. (There's lots more where that came from.) When you move in December, you have to juggle all the stress of moving, and all the holiday issues and then also all your things are in a STATE (chaos) while you are supposed to be gathering all your well-organized files and receipts for filing with the crooks, er IRS. Our intention was to move to a more "urban" and smaller (smaller--as in easier-to-maintain, as in MORE TIME TO KNIT!!!!) place. We put our house on the market before the whole financial world fell apart and just before the vultures started picking clean the bones of anyone selling a house. Fair Market Value: Fair market value of a home is the price that both a buyer would be willing to pay and a seller would be willing to accept WITHOUT UNDUE OUTSIDE PRESSURE. We no longer live in the same America I grew up in. And Fair Market Value does not exist anymore. Mortgage: did you know that the word means "Death Pledge"? The "American Dream" has turned into the American Nightmare.

This is one of the things that keeps me sane:

Just as we (myself and two daughters) were really getting some knitting momentum all h*@% broke loose. I haven't knit much (or paid attention to this blog) much since. We thought, "instead of 3 & 1/2 baths and miles kitchen space to keep clean, let's look for a smaller place;   hows' 'bout  One Bath and One half bath."   (We're all compact and efficient with our stuff--what we want is more time.) Well.  We ended up in a gorgeous townhouse, which is really the thing to do in metro DC. It is like PULLING TEETH to get work done on a house here. In a townhouse, if you play your cards right, you can get low- , almost no-maintenance situation. The outside is all landscaped and maintained and ours is so nice to come home to.   But.  Five and a half baths!  Opps, we did it again.  (I'm calling Maid Brigade.)

This also keeps me sane and happy:

Make it a great day. You are the only one who can.