Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fancy Lion Cut Truffie

Fancy Lion Cut Truffie, originally uploaded by KathyinDC.

He is STOMPING around (angry cuz we've been out of town and he had to go to the vet for boarding--SO humiliating to a cat), following me everywhere I go, "Protecting me" from everyone!!! He stands guard outside the bathroom when I shower, he plants himself like a sentry outside the door when I sleep (or get dressed or blog), he sits on the counter watching me, purring LOUDly, when I do anything--he is a total freak for mommy, this guy. (I wouldn't want it any other way), lol.

Like his new Lion Cut?
Well, he Will NOT tolerate brushing and combing. I can get away with it a little, but not well enough to keep his coat healthy and free of matting. So, for this reason, the little tyrant has to be SEDATED and get a sedated shave at the cat hospital twice a year. Otherwise he ends up a matted and miserable mess. THE most expensive haircut known to man or beast , this one. He usually comes back looking "strange" because, as they will tell you at the vet, "This is not the groomer--we use medical clippers and you get what you get." This time, he came back just beautiful. And. He doesn't even know it.

I am gonna' take hundreds of photos! (poor Truffie). And the girls and I have not stopped Squealing every time he comes in the room. He is so cute.