Sunday, October 1, 2006

Cooler Temps

It has gotten decidedly "cooler" here in D.C. I say cool, because I know it can and will get COLD later. This could only be called "cool" for now. This one is going to have to go in for a hair cut (shave down) pretty soon, even if it IS getting cold out. He's a naughty boy and won't let us comb him ALL OVER, so to stop the matting, he has to get SHAVED. A real ordeal. He secretly hates being a long-haired cat, and likes it when his feet don't have so much fur between the toes that he can't even walk around without slipping.

Then there's this one, who doesn't get along with naughty-boy Truffle.

SHE is being a real pain. (The dog, not the sweet ballerina-girl.) It's been rainy out, and there's nothing worse than a Dobe who has to stay in because it's raining! Just like a two-year-old (probably forever, this one), can't think of anything to do for herself, and has to be played with all the time. SO, it really needs to stop raining for a while so Emma can go OUT and PLAY. She loves the cooler temps. Just not the rain.

It's slow, but trying to do some knitting. Can't post the latest thing I made here yet, because my Secret Pal in a tea and knitting swap might guess who I am, and look here. The latest cut thing I knit is for her, so I'll post that one soon. I'm going to start on something "Elizabeth Zimmerman" next. Getting ready for that snow that won't be long.

Drink lots of tea and do something you love!