Tuesday, October 3, 2006


My sweet secret swap partner, Kerry, included this beautiful (handmade looking) card with my very pink and wonderful package of yarn, tea and chocolate.

It really makes your day when you realize that someone took the time to figure out and put together all your favorites into one lovely package. Thank you , Kerry, for the gorgeous yarns. I LOVE pink. Always. Everyone knows I'm a pink addict. And I also really, really love neutrals--just like these. I can't wait to start something with them.

This is how "PINK" it looked when we opened it!

There are several teas that are new to me, but in flavors I am sure to love. Like cinnamon and one in mint! AND there's a wonderful looking Chai which I can't wait to try with milk and honey. Thank you, Kerry in NY, for making this so special for me. You really spoiled me rotten!

Who couldn't love all this chocolate? Kerry, I now know that you love milk chocolate the best, but you still went out and found me lots of dark, which is my fav. That was sweet. I'll have to hide this from the masses!

Pretty soon, everyone else will have a welcome package at their door, too! Happy swapping! Happy knitting and Tea!

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