Sunday, October 29, 2006


So, this cutie was running around our house, SCREAMING at us (from afar) for the past 4 weeks. We couldn't tell if she was nice or not--seemed terrified of humans. When we first saw her it was warm-ish outside still. Then it got COLD here. Well, we could take it no more. Last Wed. night, the second really cold night in a row, we fed her, and lured her in so we could "rescue" her.

We "named" her "Deca" (as in ordering a cup on decaf espresso in France). Deca goes well with Truffles (see below)!

She's doing MUCH better now, as you can see. You've never seen a kitty so grateful to be warm and fed. It seems to be all she'll ever ask of life now. She is tiny, in good health, and seems to be about 2 years old. She lets us rub her tummy and play with her toes and everything! Completely content, this one. She WOLFED down any food we gave her the first couple of times. Now she just eats normally. She's figured out we're going to feed her again, so wolfing isn't necessary.

Of course, THIS Truffle is NOT pleased.
He couldn't even be lured by a hand-knit, catnip-stuffed mousie! He's going to take his sweet time getting used to lost&found kitty!

Right now we are "just" giving this kitty "foster care". We named her, but only, of course, because the vet NEEDED a name for their files. We are going to take her to the kitty rescue adoption place. We're just waiting for her to "recover".